Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cricut Mats

this is what you will need for this process
Hello everyone I wanted to share with you all how I clean & reuse  my Cricut Mats over & over again. I learn  this @ Custom Crops, I will share the site with you at the end.  I  use "Stick Away" which is adhesive cleaning agent,  I then use that old credit card to scrap the old sticky glue away,  I have 2 different ways I have tried for making mats sticky again the first one is the "Stick & Spray" which is a temporary repositional adhesive, the other way I have tried and also like very much is using the "Zig 2 way glue" the big glue stick. When you do first step which is the Spray Away, spray on let sit for 30 seconds then start scrapping away old glue with that old credit card, wipe clean, then either one for making it re stick, Spray & Stick spray on mat let sit for 30 mins before using touch with your hand first, it should stick to your hand, when using the Zig 2 way glue stick run the stick back and forth on mat, also let the mat dry for 30 mins before using again do the test with trying to see if mat sticks to your hand, here are some pics I would like to share with you all.

can you see the little bits of old glue

this is the spray to make it re stick

Zig 2 way glue stick, I like using this method

rub glue stick back & forth
thanks again for stopping by I hope this was hopeful to you all.


  1. I used the Elmers repositional glue stick from walmart and I love it... it only cost me $2!

  2. oh wow thanks for that info, I will have to buy that now, hugs Debbie

  3. I have been told by someone from Provo Craft that they won't honor any damages to the Cricut if I use these product. IS that true. Well they hurt my Cricut if I use that Spray Away.
    Donna Scrapp'n Nana

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! I am already a follower of your wonderful blog :).I've been thinking of purchasing those two sprays. Thanks for the tip!

  5. TFS...I've been trying to think of how to get my non-sticky mats sticky again...will need to go and get me a fat chisel Zig 2 way glue...just became a follower...hope you do the same..