Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cherry on Top Award

I received this award at the same time as I did from someone else too, I was so excited I just realized I never passed it on or even posted it, I am so sorry Linda, from she had passed this on to me earlier I had so much going on, I had just gotten back from vacation also so now I will pass it on and thank you again Linda I need thank her when she sent it to me :) The rules in excepting the award is to,
You must thank the person who passed it to you, done
Copy award to your blog, done
List 3 things you love about yourself, done.... I'm honest, loving, and very caring
Post a picture that you love on your blog, done
Pass this award onto 5 others, done here they are :
Tangee @
Kassidy @
Marianne @
Jenny @
Martha @

My parents with my son, @ graduation 


  1. Just wanted to Thank you again for the blog award! You made my day!

  2. thank you! I'm sorry I'm just now seeing it for the first time :) Hugs!