Monday, November 22, 2010

Little Gift Card Holder

I saw some new things I wanted to try so here is one of them, I hope you will like I had fun making this little holder, I just love things that are so easy and cute, thanks for stopping by as always I love to here from you so please make sure to leave me your comments..
Hugs Debbie :)
Snowman & Flakes are stickers
Gift Card inside 


  1. What a cute card holder! I love the snowman.

  2. Need to make some of these myself! Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is too cute. Where did you get the idea or is it original? I need a couple of gift card holders for my nephews for Christmas. Thanks, Heather

  4. @ Heather this was so easy I had bought this at a fair, and then I tried and made this, I tried to go to your blog but it wont let me please contact me with your link thanks Debbie

  5. Oh, Debbie! I would love to have detailed instructions to make your cute gift card holder!!! :) I love it! (especially if it's as easy as you say)

    Thanks for sharing,