Thursday, November 3, 2011

30 Days of Handmade Gift Giving Blog Hop ~ Day 3

Hello and welcome to my blog I love having visitors it makes me so happy to see you all here again.  I have to say I was so happy and excited when I got a message from Jill aka Scrapoholic asking me if I would like to be part of her 30 Days of Handmade Gift Giving Blog Hop, I also was a part of this last year and myself I just loved it cause I too got so many ideas for making gifts, it comes in very handy making your own gifts, and myself I would rather have something made then going to a store and buying it, it means so much more when that person knows you took the time and effort to make it special for them.  So for this year I have been so wanting to make these Note Pads with Post it, I had seen this on several blogs and I am doing my first Craft Fair this weekend, this will be one of my items I will be selling, so I hope you all will like it, please if you would, tell me what you think of my Gift Making Item before leaving my blog today. I am very happy with the way it turn out being it's my first one.

Pen & Note Pad

for making this you will need:
Supplies Needed

Cut Paper 4x6
then slide paper in the 4x6 frame

it will look like this

then add ribbon @ top

then add your Post It Pad
I used my ATG gun for making it extra sticky
then cut a thin strip of matching paper
take pen out wrap paper around pen
matching the paper in frame
these pens can be found @ Staples
brand is Pentel RSVP type

see the paper inside of pen

then dress it up
adding a flower or two

I added a stamp and some bling too

and there you have it
a pretty Gift Hand Made!!

thanks again for visiting me today and
again thanks to Jill, you can visit Jill's blog @
to get all the 30 Days of Handmade Gift Making.
Hugs my friends


  1. This is way too cute! I love the paper on the inside of the pen to match.

  2. great job!!!! These will sale!!!

  3. I love it! The papers are very pretty!

  4. Love, love, love this idea!! The wrapped pen is new to me:-) This is definitely a 'keeper'!

  5. Love the notepad idea! I tried this once and after i was done realised I had done it wrong! LOL! Love the paper so fun and vibrant. makes a great gift! hope you do well at the craft fair!

  6. great blog, i'm here for the two-day thankful blog hop!

    i am definitely following and even liked your fb, great stuff!

    Thankful for then new talent I find on these fabulous blog hops!

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. So cute! thanks for the gift idea, so quick and easy!

  8. thats awsome , love it, good luck !!!!

  9. This is so cute!! What a great idea putting the matching paper into the pen tube!

  10. Oh I love this idea...when you said put the paper in the 4X6 this a picture frame? Would love to make these...if you don't mind. TFS I am now a follower is my blog if you would like to stop by...

  11. What an excellent idea! Brilliant :)

  12. Love this idea. I will definantly be making some:)

    Thecricutscrapper.blogspot dot com